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Anti-Corp is an acme response to the onslaught of an age-old rival. We stand for the liberation and free-will of all. Ascertained freedom would deny our enemy. It would wipe out eons of carefully courted greed.

What does this have to do with vaporwave?

There are three major music distribution conglomerates. These conglomerates swallowed up the labels that existed prior. We still feel the ripples of this event.

For non-major labels today, there is the near-invariable threat of entropy. The conglomerates provide a walled garden for the labels they kill.

Vaporwave was born out of this economic violence. It stole and redistributed music for free, no matter where it came from.

Another thing of note is the influx of alt-right, fascist ideology that has begun to destroy vaporwave. Not only that, but fascists sew chaos into the vaporwave community itself. Some of the most popular vaporwave artists are known Traditionalists and Fascists.

Averting alt-right ideology, and systematic oppression is the centripedal mass of Anti-Corp.

We fight for unity against the fascists of our world.